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Jeep CJ-7 -82

Jeep CJ-7 -82

Jeep CJ-7 Renegade

1982 – 47.200 miles – Black with original Renegade stickers


  • Engine: 4.2l inline six
    • 99hp
  • Transmission: manual
  • Driveline: AWD/RWD
  • Museum registered
  • Almost fully original condition
  • No bigger rust to mention


”The CJ-7 was to be the last of the line for the Jeeps that could trace their lineage from the World War II Jeep.


The CJ-7 was made for a modern generation of American consumers who were getting more and more used to manufacturers making life more easy for them.


It was available with either manual or automatic gearbox, both mated to the Quadra-Trac all wheel drive system with high and low range so you could “climb every mountain” or highway cruise on Route 66 with equal aplomb: and if the going got muddy or the way was treacherous and icy then that full time four wheel drive helped keep the Jeep going where the driver was pointing it instead of demonstrating an ability to do a pirouette like a ballerina.”


Available for export!


More information:

+358 44 250 4999 (also WhatsApp)

    23 900,00 €Price


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