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SOLD! Ford Thunderbird -73

SOLD! Ford Thunderbird -73

Ford Thunderbird

1973 – 90.000 miles – White


  • Engine: 7.5l V8
  • Transmission: Automatic
  • Driveline: RWD
  • Museum registered!
  • Good condition!


"The 1970 Thunderbird had been new from the ground up. In competition against the Buick Riviera and other large personal luxury coupes, the T-bird finally obtained a full perimeter frame to better isolate the passengers from the road, eschewing the unit body construction used since 1958 in the process.


The 1973 cars were facelifted with a new grille, new headlight surrounds, small opera windows, hood ornament and other detail changes. In this era, luxury still meant size and presence. The Thunderbird theme had not really changed since the revision from the two-seater personal cars of 1957 into four-seater personal-luxury cars of 1958, but the expectations of the buying public had."


August, +358 44 250 4999

Herman, +358 50 441 3442